August 2019 Council Meeting remarks

Each August we look forward to the Supreme Convention and all the news about the prior Fraternal Year.  This year is no different. Although this message has been prepared prior to the convention, here are some predictions:

The Order will set a new record in the amount of money we donated to charities.

The Order will set a new record in the number of hours volunteered.

We already know that our insurance program had another record year ending in December 2018; 18 consecutive years of growth! (And congratulations to the many of you who protected your families last year and helped set that record!)

We will have given a substantial amount of money to Pope Francis from the Vicarius Christi fund.

Our Asset Advisors will have more dollars under management; managed, of course using the investment guidelines from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

We will add to our surplus, which means our strength to pay claims and weather poor economic times will improve.

I predict that the Supreme Knight will report that the Order will have provided more money to rebuild homes for persecuted Christians in the Middle East. Donated more money to disaster relief in the wake of hurricanes, flooding and typhoons.  Placed more ultrasound machines in service to save lives. Given more support for religious freedom.  

This organization, started by a simple, humble parish priest with men at St. Mary’s Parish in New Haven, Connecticut in 1882, has grown to spectacular heights. All of these efforts and worthwhile projects are a source of pride for us members! 

But here’s the reality:  For the Catholic folks in this council and in these parishes here—you, my brother knights…you, are the Knights of Columbus.  When locals think about the Knights, they may have some general notion about all these good works we do and the Order’s amazing impact around the world. But to the local parish and the community, you represent all that is good in this Order. When you are volunteering at a Special Olympics event, when you are visiting the sick, helping your pastor, handing out coats for kids, selling Tootsie Rolls, raising money for a charitable cause right here in your own backyard—this is what people see, they see you; to them you are what it means to be a Knight of Columbus. When you lead with faith, protect your family, serve others and defend your values, you are a witness inspired by our founding principles.

Congratulations on another record-breaking fraternal year! I look forward to helping protect your families and reaching Star Council this next fraternal year!

Vivat Jesus!

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Marian Council #3827 is Minnesota’s largest Knights of Columbus chapter, part of a billion-dollar international Catholic organization. We promote family life, education and citizenship.

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