Home Association Meeting Minutes – April 23, 2019

April 23, 2019 | Written by Knights of Columbus Marian Council #3827


Marian Council Knights of Columbus
Home Association Meeting
April 23rd, 2019

Meeting called to order by Julian Hynnek, President, at 7:05 PM
Roll call:

Julian Hynnek, President P
John Kovach, Vice President P
Dom Violantei, Treasurer P
Doc Williams, Secretary P
Bill Weldon P
Joe Beckrich P
Tom Steigauf, Grand Knight P
Ned O’Doherty, Deputy G N P
Others are attending: Raz, Mike Santoro

Minutes of the last meeting were read individually and approved.

Treasurer’s report:
Home Association starting balance $1,500.00
Income $6,500.31
Expenses $6,500.31
Transferred to Real-estate Fund $2,823.98
Ending balance $1,500.00
Building Fund balance $3,979.90
Home Association Re Estate Tax Fund balance $21,283.51
Financials accepted as read.

Manager’s report: Home furniture parking lot is fenced. Ralph
Bartolotta drafting a letter asking for the fence be moved back 40 feet.
Doors on north side must be replaced. Estimate of $6,000 to have done.
Ras has gotten permission to park on west side of Dupont Wednesday
through Monday 4 PM through 2 AM. Total count for Lenten fish fry
was 7 people less than last year.

Old Business: Ballroom is complete except for some electrical.

New Business: “No parking beyond this point” sign in east parking lot
needs to be reinstalled. Fire inspector condemned door crash bars on
north side of building. Mike the chef proposed 5 hours per month for
$100.00, May through Oct, to do outdoor maintenance. Motion
approved. Mike Santoro brought landscape design plans for the front of
building that we purchased years ago for our consideration.

Walk through, 1 item, John will do.
Next month’s meeting is May 28th
Next month’s walkthrough do by Joe and Ned
Closing prayer said by all.
Meeting adjourned at 8:10
Respectfully submitted by Doc Williams

Knights of Columbus Marian Council #3827
Marian Council #3827 is Minnesota’s largest Knights of Columbus chapter, part of a billion-dollar international Catholic organization. We promote family life, education and citizenship. Annually we donate charitable fundraising and volunteers hours to the Richfield-Bloomington area, including: Fireman’s Softball Tournament, for youth, Tootsie Roll Drive for children with disabilities, Vocations Dinner for local seminaries, Student Loan Dinner for college, Coats for Kids of warmth for children, Keep Christ in Christmas, a free community party, Golf Tournament, benefits youth charitie and Respect for Life events Loaves & Fishes, feeding Richfield’s poor.