Home Association Meeting Minutes – February 25, 2020

February 28, 2020 | Written by Checkerboard


Meeting called to order by Julian Hynnek, President, at 7:02 PM

Roll call:

Julian Hynnek, President                          P

Bill Weldon, Vice President                      AE

Dom Violante, Treasurer                          P

Doc Williams, Secretary                           P

Curt Elsen                                                AE

Joe Beckrich                                            P

Ned O’Doherty, Grand Knight                  P

Ed Wilson, Deputy G K                            P

Others attending: Fraternal President, Raz

Minutes of the last meeting were read individually and approved.

Treasurer’s report:

Home Association starting balance $1,838.83

Income $6,500.29

Expenses $6,839.12

Transferred to Real-estate Fund $2,669.68

Ending balance $1,500.00

Building Fund balance $1,981.16

Home Association Re Estate Tax Fund balance $15,302.51

Financials accepted.

Manager’s report: BMW realtor will give us their estimate on our south parking lot regarding possible sale to them.

Old Business: walk through from last month, all items cleared. Glass for bingo sign is supposed to be on its way from China.

New Business: walk through, 6 items- assigned. Tiles in Knights room need replacing. We will consider for spring project.

Next month’s meeting is – March 24th  

Next month’s walkthrough done by – Ned & Julian

Closing prayer said by all.

Meeting adjourned at – 7:45

Respectfully submitted by Doc Williams


Marian Council #3827 is Minnesota’s largest Knights of Columbus chapter, part of a billion-dollar international Catholic organization. We promote family life, education and citizenship.

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