September 30, 2019 | Written by Checkerboard


Meeting called to order by Julian Hynnek, President, at 7:04 PM


Roll call:

Julian Hynnek, President   P

Bill Weldon, Vice President   P

Dom Violante, Treasurer   P

Doc Williams, Secretary   P

Curt Elsen   AE

Joe Beckrich   P

Ned O’Doherty, Grand Knight   AE

Ed Wilson, Deputy G   P

Others are attending: Raz

Minutes of the last meeting were read individually and approved.


Treasurer’s report:

Home Association starting balance $105.97

Income $6,606.18

Expenses $4,467.93

Transferred to Real-estate Fund $2,500.00

Ending balance $2,138.25

Building Fund balance $3,980.38

Home Association Re Estate Tax Fund balance $16,181.62

Financials accepted.


Manager’s report: None.


Old Business: Doors on north side of building. are installed and looks good. Chair repair (ballroom) complete. Notification for dining room carpeting has been published and will be brought up for consideration at next business meeting. Caulking outside of foundation still needs doing (Julian). Ralph Bartolotta is thinking of retiring and needs carpet tiles for pool room picked up (Bill Welden). We still need new “No Parking fire lane” signs (Doc).


New Business: Motion made and passed to take up to $2,000 from building fund for dining room carpet. Threshold of new north doors may need adjusting (Julian). Walk through, 2 items assigned.


Next month’s meeting is October 22nd.

Next month’s walkthrough done by Ed & Julian.

Closing prayer said by all.

Meeting adjourned at 8:26 PM

Respectfully submitted by Doc Williams


Marian Council #3827 is Minnesota’s largest Knights of Columbus chapter, part of a billion-dollar international Catholic organization. We promote family life, education and citizenship.

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